Mission Action Plan 2014-17

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"  Matthew 28:19

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another."   John 13: 34


The church PCC has updated a new mission action plan  below.   If you want to know how you can help grow our church and spread the good news of Jesus Christ,  please speak to the Vicar or a Church Warden.   All ideas are daft ideas and from daft ideas, great things can be accomplished.  Dont be shy if you have an idea share it,  it will be listened to.



Mission Action Plan - St Peter and St John the Baptist - Wivelsfield Parish Church

2014 -2017


The Diocese of Chichester encourages all parishes to think about their direction and future and to set this out with aims and goals. This is called a Mission Action Plan (MAP). Our church has had a mission action plan since 2008; it is regularly reviewed and updated at PCC meetings to make sure that we are moving forward against what is intended.  The goals and aims evolve through time.

Members of the church are encouraged to know about MAP, as participation by all will make it a success and If you have any ideas or suggestions for inclusion, please ask to a member of the PCC to raise this with the committee.  

The MAP is divided in to five themes; Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, Mission





Long Term Goal

              A thriving, expanding church confidently sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ   

Short term goals to Achieve this

  • Making a personal committment to attend regular services and develop your relationship with God
  • Encouraging friends and family to attend special services during the year
  • Experience the different types of services offered to develop understanding and meet other worshipers   



Long term goal 1:

Encourage a greater understanding & participation from the church as a whole, thereby raising the profile of the Healing Ministry & making it more central to church life

Short term goals to achieve these:

  • More teaching/sermons on the centrality of healing in the Gospels
  • Being a praying presence

Long term goal 2:

Reach out beyond our church

Short term goals to achieve these:

  • Liaising with the Hospice & holding a Healing Service at the Hospice
  • Increase Parish visits to Burrswood & also to Crowhurst, encouraging those who have not yet been to give it a try.
  • Perforated boundaries; liaise with St Andrew’s, St John’s, Scaynes Hill for mutual support & learning.



Long term goal 1:

Underpinning everything with prayer; encouraging more of the congregation to embrace regular prayer for our church/deepen our corporate prayer life.

Short term goals to achieve these:

  • Grow attendance at 1st Sat. Parish Prayers.
  • Encourage people to pray in twos & threes.
  • Encourage all to spend quiet personal time reading the bible 
  • Persuade those not in Home Groups to join one or to attend a ‘How to Pray’ course.

Long term goal 2:

Deepening our Christian service and outreach

Short term goals to achieve these:

  • Running a Welcoming course in the New Year
                leading to more people being actively involved in the ministry of our church
                and with a better understanding of welcoming new comers
  • Embracing and participating in the Diocesan Lentan Prayer Course 2015
                leading to refreshing of our vision as a Purpose Driven Church



Long term goal:

Engaging with the community

Short term goals to achieve these:

  • By continuing useful taks to demonstrate our care for our community.
  • Litter picking  - a chance to loiter with intent while doing something useful
  • (JAM) Holiday Clubs and Lunch Bunch 
  • Joint Community Activities such as the Tea Club and Christmas Lunch
  • Volunteer to help at occasional Prison Creche rota, Fair Trade Stalls
  • Encourage Liaison with Twinned Parish in Sierra Leone  -  communication / parcels etc
  • Offer lifts to church to non mobile congregation members and neighbours
  • Helping at Church Events (including village day tent, fete, teas at Easter, Cafe Church)


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